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    These instructions will help you if you’ve seen the xtrareport runtime binding.

      with DevExpress .XtraReports.UI;Using System.Collections;Using the System.Partial drawing;public class XtraReport1: DevExpress.XtraReports.UI.XtraReport    public XtraReport1 ()            Initialize component ();        ArrayListListDataSource = new list ArrayList ();       ListDataSource .Add (new "Jane" entry (1, 19));        listDataSource.Add (new entry (2, "Joe", 30));       ListDataSource .Add (new record (3, "Bill", 15));        listDataSource.Add (new entry (4, "Michael", 42));        it. = data source listDataSource;        this.AddBoundLabel ("ID", another rectangle (100, 20, 100, 30));        this.AddBoundLabel ("Name", new rectangle (200, 20, 100, 30));        this.AddBoundLabel ("old", new rectangle (300, 20, hundreds, 30));        public void AddBoundLabel (String BindingMember, rectangular borders)           XRLabel-Label = new XRLabel ();        Detail.Controls.Add (label);        label.Location = limits. Long ness;       label.Size = bounds.Size;        label.ExpressionBindings.Add (            fresh, new "Text", expressionbinding ("beforeprint", bindingMember));     

    xtrareport runtime binding

      Imports DevExpress .XtraReports.UIImports System.CollectionsImported Public Drawing SystemXtraReport1 subclass    Inherits from DevExpress.XtraReports.UI.XtraReport    Public subscription New ()        Initialize component ()        Decrease listDataSource as new ArrayList ()        listDataSource.Add (New entry (1, "Jane", 19))        listDataSource.Add (New entry (2, "Joe", 30))        listDataSource.Add (New record (3, "Invoice", 15))       listDataSource.Add (New record (4, "Michael", 42))        Me.DataSource = listDataSource        Me.AddBoundLabel ("ID", New 20, Rectangle (100, 100, 30))        Me.AddBoundLabel ("Name", new rectangle (200, 20, 70, 30))        Me.AddBoundLabel ("Old", New rectangle (300, 16, 100, 30))    The end of the submarine    Public Sub AddBoundLabel (ByVal BindingMember String as scope ByVal as rectangle)        Darken shortcut as new XRLabel ()        Control details. add (label)       label.Location indicates limits.Location е       The .size tag complies with the .size limits.        label.ExpressionBindings.Add (New ExpressionBinding ("BeforePrint", "Text", BindingMember))    The end of the submarineEnd of course 

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    In the report viewer application, you can view the values. grab Members of the ReportParameters collection before displaying the corresponding report.

    At run time, you can access the user report settings via Report settings Dictionary. Any parameter The product contains the allowed available values, a valid value, and a label. The label returns the currently preferred display item from available understandings (if available values ​​are defined).


     Report1-Seite = new Report1 ();report.ReportParameters ["ManagerID"]. = value "123"; 
     Reduce data size as new report1 ()report.ReportParameters ("ManagerID"). The value matches "123" 

    Prior to 2010 Q1, the schema report contained a dictionary contains only the current ranges of report parameters.

    1. Create a custom Telerik report
    2. Use the instructions in the following procedures: Connect to SQL to a server database using a stored procedure. An article about binding to your current uspGetManagerEmployees stored procedure from the AdventureWorks table.
    3. Leave the corresponding parameter for the @ ManagerID data source and target helper blank.
    4. Create next page element layout for report
    5. Privyazka Vremeni Vypolneniya Xtrareport
      Xtrareport Runtime Binding
      Xtrareport Runtime Bindning
      Xtrareport Laufzeitbindung
      Powiazanie Srodowiska Uruchomieniowego Xtrareport
      Liaison D Execution Xtrareport
      Associazione Runtime Xtrareport
      Enlace De Tiempo De Ejecucion De Xtrareport