If you have a plantronics cs55 lift hotfix on your computer, we hope this blog post can help you fix the issue.

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    plantronics cs55 lifter troubleshooting

    Lift is installed but the handset does not pick up

    Make sure the Apple iPhone lifter power cord is securely plugged into the handset lifter jack, as is usually the case with a base station.

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  • Step 1: Download and install ASR Pro
  • Step 2: Launch the program and select your language
  • Step 3: Follow the on-screen instructions to start a scan of your computer for errors

  • Problem: I’ve been wearing my Plantronics CS55 wireless headphones and HL10 tube lifter for a few weeks and all of a sudden they are working great! wear in the middle of a conversation. What’s going on here ?

    Solution: If your HL10 is indeed connected to the upper layer of your phone during a call, there are several possible quick fixes that might solve your Plantronics HL10 rear lift issue. You can choose between minimum, medium or high settings. We recommend that you set the entire setting to Medium, as this is most effective on most phones. If you set HL10 to a low value on some phones, the handset will be too heavy and will slowly get stuck in your phone. …

    If this setting does not solve your problem, take the phone to connect and manually raise your hand towards the HL10 youshe middle; Then press down on it gradually. If you still have a specific problem, the next thing you can do is reset your personal headset. A detailed guide with images can be found on the Plantronics CS55 product page in the FAQ section. Once you complete the reset, the headset and arm should be ready to use!

    If your main CS50 or CS55 recently worked flawlessly and suddenly there is a very loud noise, or the HL10 handset lifter stops working properly, or you hear a beep in the earphone but no switch tone, then the headset should be connected to a subscription to the appropriate charging station. Follow these simple instructions and your system will be like new:

    A.) Simultaneously press the talk button, mute button and headset at the same time for 10 seconds. When the talk indicator flashes on the lightweight headset, release both conventional equipment.

    B.) Press the talk button again and then release.

    C.) Unplug any AC adapter from the outlet and Unplug it for 10 seconds and then just plug it back in.

    A.) Place the earbuds in the charging cradle of the base station and make sure they are inserted and correctly inserted into the charger.

    B.) Press and hold the two fine tuning buttons on the back of the base station (control buttons labeled “+” and “-” at the top) for at least 10. Press and hold for a while. The base station power indicator flashes red, but you can also release the buttons.

    C.) Then press and hold the mute button on the headset for at least 5 seconds. The call indicator on each headset will turn green. Passed

    Re-registration is displayed when the base station status indicator is fully on and the headset call indicator is off.

    D.) To complete the operation, unplug the AC adapter that was plugged in from the outlet and unplug it from the outlet for 10 seconds, then plug it back in.

    If the problem persists after rebooting the system and resetting the subscription, please try again or call technical support.Plantronics support at (800) 544-4660 5538.

    • Adjust the dial to the side of the step

    plinth. Align the number “1” with the dial on the side rails.

    plantronics cs55 lifter troubleshooting

    right side of the dial. If you don’t hear a beep during setup

    button to turn on ume on the headphones. If the volume is still too high

    • Make sure the CS55 is at least 12 inches apart

    … your system may need to be rebooted. See This System

    The sound is distorted, or I hear an echo in the headphones.

    • During a call, the volume may be too loud. If your

    … If all distortion persists, turn down the volume with

    Additional Information And Help

    The people I talk to hear the excitement in the background.

    • Make sure the hook’s dedicated power cord ï is inserted firmly.

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