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    It’s worth reading these repair recommendations if you get error 19913 preventing tcp ip from starting on boot failure.

    1. This is probably due to the fact that the DOS label does not match the BIOS settings. You can disable the Plug and Performance setting in BIOS (if I have Plug and Play enabled, the BIOS may not initialize the hardware, but will eventually initialize the operating system) and therefore use MS DOS instead of PC BACK.

    alone. This BIOS has a device configured to boot over the network, the boot device first obtains an IP address transmitted by the DHCP server.

    Little. Version 5.4 of this 3Com 3C905B-TX NIC has a frustration that makes it incompatible with a DHCP server. Can your company upgrade to version 5.03?

    pair. A Xircom NIC with an older driver may cause this problem. Update your driver.

    The PXE Packet Manager can also adjust the speed of the NIC in addition to the duplex mode to ensure consistency between switches.

    It is also possible that interrupting your current network adapter is clearly contrary to interrupting other hardware devices.

    1, they may not match the DOS version and BIOS settings. By disabling the plug and play configuration (if you enable all the plug and play options, the BIOS does not actually initialize the hardware, thankfully there is an operating system initialization process) and simply using the PC-DOS MS-DOS selection in the BIOS.

    2, there are devices in the BIOS, this particular set was started when the TV was booted, which often broadcasts the IP address of the boot device from the DHCP server.

    There may be an error in the 3C905B-TX 3com network card version 3.5.4, which is incompatible with all DHCP servers and can be replaced with version 5.03.

    error 19913 unable to start tcp ip during startup

    4. Using the old Xircom credit card driver may cause this problem, please update the driver type. East

    error 19913 unable to start tcp ip during startup

    This is also possible because the main PXE packet driver sets the speed of the network card and duplex switch.

    The card may be interrupted due to conflicts with other hardware interrupts.

    Posted March 13, 2005 9:16 AM

    Hello everyone

    Windows 2003 server in addition to DHCP, domain controller, Wins, Spirit 8.2, RIS, DNS. Everything seems to work well, with a client under Windows Vista, I have an IP address between DHCP, I can join a domain, etc.

    I am following useful information from Microsoft and Symantec step by step to get Riss and Phantomcast properly installed.

    When I boot from the network, someone’s network chipset is detected as RTL8139 (x) / 8130 / 810X before DHCP gives the IP address;

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  • Step 1: Download and install ASR Pro
  • Step 2: Launch the program and select your language
  • Step 3: Follow the on-screen instructions to start a scan of your computer for errors

  • Good job, I can launch Sneakers over the network and start installing Windows XP.

    I have all the applications I need installed on my Nec ml4 machine and I want the phantom image to serve as one in many posts. I am using a boot wizard to create an image using an appropriate option called rtl8139 (ris microsoft boot, manually select RTL 8139 cards, use pc dos, let dhcp pass the IP address, etc.)

    I started the Ghostcast remote computer and created an image. I start with a client, our DHCP gives it an IP, some risks ask the user who grants the correct rights (I used the site administrator), then the ris-food choice appears. I select rtl8139 and after that the client and Ghost starts. At this point, I still have an extreme flaw, no matter what I chose between unified / multi-diffusion.

    Try other drivers on wizard sneakers (for example, pxe package drivers)

    Both clients / servers are on the same portal (nothing else bothers them on the local network). I’m still on this task, so I’m not on our beloved LAN.

    When I try to create a spider image on another computer (I tested the Powermat DT with a 3com mainframe controller) it works fine.

    -Internet is in Active Directory after going through the Ris menu

    – staff is present in this DHCP (a bit weird, I have a working IP but no hostname)

    I am looking for the right amount in my friend Google and therefore in this forum, but did not find any problems, I suspectyu, that there is some problem between the IP address of the DHCP server at startup and this. The public IP that the Ghostcast client is trying to get …

    If someone has an idea, I take it (or something that often haunts me;))

    (Hope simple English is not very good)

    Download this software today to get your computer back up and running.

    Erreur 19913 Impossible De Demarrer Tcp Ip Au Demarrage
    Blad 19913 Nie Mozna Uruchomic Tcp Ip Podczas Uruchamiania
    Errore 19913 Impossibile Avviare Tcp Ip Durante L Avvio
    Fehler 19913 Tcp Ip Kann Wahrend Des Startvorgangs Nicht Gestartet Werden
    Fout 19913 Kan Tcp Ip Niet Starten Tijdens Opstarten
    오류 19913 시작하는 동안 Tcp Ip를 시작할 수 없습니다
    Erro 19913 Incapaz De Iniciar O Tcp Ip Durante A Inicializacao
    Fel 19913 Kunde Inte Starta Tcp Ip Under Uppstart
    Error 19913 No Se Puede Iniciar Tcp Ip Durante El Inicio
    Oshibka 19913 Ne Udaetsya Zapustit Tcp Ip Vo Vremya Zapuska