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    If you are getting asp net mvc 4 global troubleshooting error on your computer, it’s time to learn these troubleshooting methods.

    Error handling is an important aspect of an application. ASP.NET offers several ways to handle errors. In this important article, we’ll go over the best practices for troubleshooting MVC.

    5 MVC Post-Error Handling Capabilities

    Between .NET, ASP.NET, and MVC, there are several easy ways to troubleshoot application errors.

  • Custom Web.Config Errors
  • MVC HandleErrorAttribute
  • Controller.OnException Method
  • HttpApplication Event
  • Collecting Application Error Exceptions with .NET Profiling with Retrace
  • All of these error handling methods have their pros and cons. You will likely need to use a combination of these error types to handle and correct errors.

    There are two important things people need to do when troubleshooting bugs:

    1. Accept errors and show users a friendly error page
    2. Log errors so anyone who seems to know them can view them

    Required: Global Error Page With Web.Config

    The last action you would like your users to see is Error “yellow screen with the type of death”. If customers don’t know what this is, I’ll mention the ASP.NET Standard Yellow Error Screen.

    I always recommend a custom error page for your Web.Config for any application. In the worst case, your customers will see this page if an unhandled exception is thrown.

    asp net mvc 4 global error handler


    Use MVC HandlerErrorAttribute To Customize Inherits Responses


    is an error handling attribute of the FilterAttribute and can be applied to the entire controller or your own controller action methods.

    It can only contain 500 levels of failure that occur in an MVC action method. It doesn’t really track exceptions that contribute to breaking the MVC pipeline. Exceptions can be thrown in other HTTP MVC modules, routing, etc.

    When you should make sure to use the HandleErrorAttribute

    Since it is not possible to collect all the exceptions that might be thrown, this is a poor solution for unhandled global handlingka mistakes.

    It is ideal for customizing specific error pages when validating a specific MVC controller or task method. Insert the error page into your site. The config works best on the generic error page. granular control when you need it.

    For example, if you want a specific MVC view to show up in a SqlException, you can do so with the following code:

     [HandleError (ExceptionType means typeof (SqlException), View = "SqlExceptionView")]public string GetClientInfo (username string)returns true;

    The problem with the HandleErrorAttribute was that there was no way to log an exception!

    Use MVC Controller OnException To Customize Is Responses

    Similar to onException for actually handling HandleErrorAttribute, but with more flexibility. It works with all HTTP status codes, not just 500 level responses. It also gives you the ability to log errors!

    asp net mvc 4 global error handler

     public grade UserMvcController: controller   Avoid the guarded override of OnException (ExceptionContext filterContext)         filterContext.ExceptionHandled implies true;// log errors !!     _Logger.Error (filterContext.Exception);      // Redirect or even return the view, but not both at the same time.      filterContext.Result is equal to RedirectToAction ("Index", "ErrorHandler");      // WHERE      filterContext. = create a new ViewResult               ViewName matches "~ / Views / ErrorHandler / Index.cshtml"      ;  

    When to use OnException to handle MVC errors

    If your company needs a way to display custom MVC views of real users or modified log exceptions, OnException is a very good solution for you. It provides more flexibility than the HandleErrorAttribute and in no way requires you to include customErrors in your Web.Config file.

    Note. OnException gets all status codes for HTTP. Therefore, be careful when dealing with simple problems like 404a caused by a bad url.

    Use HttpApplication Application_Error Based On Global Exception Handler

    So far, we’ve looked at three different ways to frequently tune how users react when an exception is thrown. Onlyo with OnException inside you can log exceptions.

    To log any unhandled exceptions your application might encounter, you should seriously implement basic error logging code for the reasons listed below.

     public class MvcApplication: System.Web.HttpApplication   protected void Application_Start ()         Registration of the Region.Registration of the AllArea ();      FilterConfig.RegisterGlobalFilters      RouteConfig.RegisterRoutes (RouteTable.Routes);      BundleConfig.RegisterBundles (BundleTable.Bundles);      protected void Application_Error ()         Former boyfriend or girlfriend var = Server.GetLastError ();      // error log! each of our _Logger.Error (ex);   

    When should I use Application_Error?

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  • Step 1: Download and install ASR Pro
  • Step 2: Launch the program and select your language
  • Step 3: Follow the on-screen instructions to start a scan of your computer for errors

  • Always! The HttpApplication error even provides an ideal mechanism for collecting and logging all unhandled application errors.

    Collect All .NET Exceptions With Retrace

    Stackify’s Stackify Retrace APM solution uses .NET profiling APIs to track the performance of software applications by scaling code. As part of this, it must constantly automatically Collect all unhandled exceptions to customize the receipt of all omissions that never occurred, even if they could be managed and rejected. Retrace also doesn’t require any code changes!

    You can use Retrace to view and monitor all errors in your application. Check out our personal bug tracking features to find out more.

    A Quick Tour Of MVC Error Handling

    There are probably several ways to deal with MVC errors. You should always report a standard page error via your web.config along with unhandled protocol exceptions that are traced back to your HttpApplication error method.

    You can use HandleErrorAttribute or OnException to get precise control over the simplest way to display error messages to home users.

    If you want to virtually track exceptions for your apps, be sure to check out our bug tracking and monitoring features. You can also map all app exceptions to your own for free.m workplace using our prefix price profiler.


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