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    Today’s user guide is designed to help you when you get BIOS error a10.

    a10 bios

    Check out my new help and tips: Unified Extended Firmware Interface Ezah=”250″ (uefi)

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    1. Use system information to determine BIOS version
    2. Download latest BIOS update
    3. Install the latest BIOS update
    4. Determine if your system has a UEFI BIOS and SecureBoot, then Windows Update Notes.
    5. Upgrade from ten to one SSD with SATA operating mode change using BIOS setup (UEFI)

    This tutorial includes a contrast video tutorial.

    Press [Windows] followed by [ r ] to activate the run command:

    In the run box, type


    Then click OK.

    Pay attention to thePresenter:

  • System manufacturer
  • System model
  • BIOS version and date
  • If present (Windows 8 and later), also note the value:

  • Operating system name
  • Operating system version
  • BIOS mode
  • Secure Boot Status
  • Example 1

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    Notes related to:

  • System manufacturer is Dell Inc.
  • System Model: XPS 8300
  • BIOS version and scheduling – A06
  • Also note:

  • Windows 10 Pro operating system name
  • Operating system version 10240
  • Legacy BIOS
  • SecureBoot status not supported
  • I do not recommend downloading the BIOS update from Dell Drivers and Downloads as updating the BIOS sometimes requires an older BIOS as a prerequisite. for example, trying to update A03 so that you can tell A12 that A06 should be placed before A12. The Dell Drivers and Downloads section lists tLatest version only, Dell FTP Web Store lists all generic model versions.

  • If your system is not Dell, obtain drivers from one of the appropriate OEMs such as HP or Lenovo.1:

    a10 bios

    XPS 8300 example

    Press [ctrl] and [h] in the browser to open the search on the page.

    Enter the numbers of your model number in the general search field and click the arrow until you find your personal model:

    Left-click on your car number:

    Scroll down to BIOS

    The most recent note will be displayed at the top, as well as all builds released immediately after Dell’s release.

    if it comes with my XPS 8300, it already comes with version A06, so it’s up to date and you’ll never have to try to update it.

    Please note that the release date on this page may differ slightly from the BIOS version date listed in the system information as Dell takes some time to offer the update as a trial version before releasing the product.

    If you have a newer BIOS version below the latest version. For example, on the Optiplex 760, whose BIOS version A03 is largely outdated compared to the latest version A16.

    Click the capture button, then choose Save. Don’t select “Run” because you usually don’t need background programs when you run a BIOS update. In most cases, this should still not work because this BIOS update requires elevated privileges. I recommend moving the downloaded update from Downloads to Desktop.BIOS

    This update is a firmware update only. Enter this toupdate the current BIOS of your system. You run my BIOS update from Windows, but the user’s computer restarts and updates the BIOS during the BIOS. Thus, a BIOS update once applied remains applied even when you reinstall Windows.

    Because a BIOS overhaul can update the functionality of your hardware, special care should be taken to make sure you actually choose to run a BIOS update. Note. A fake BIOS update can completely kill your computer.

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  • Step 1: Download and install ASR Pro
  • Step 2: Launch the program and select your language
  • Step 3: Follow the on-screen instructions to start a scan of your computer for errors

  • Before starting the BIOS, it is recommended to make sure that all programs can be closed. Click

    Correct BIOS update and run as administrator.

    The BIOS update will then run and tell you which version you like and which version is the BIOS splash screen.

    If you are ready to flash the bios or it is not supported, as in the specific case of the XPS my 8300, you will be informed of this situation, and apart from the fact that you can only flashby giving you the option to exit:

    If supported, you can continue:

    Click OK

    You can then restart your computer and restart the BIOS update.

    DO NOT DISTURB THE COMPUTER DURING THIS TIME and under no circumstances turn off the power. If you do this, you should probably log out of your desktop completely.

    After the PC boots into Windows, some BIOS updates will restart automatically, but then you will be informed that you already have the latest version installed. Just by looking at Undo, you can remove someone’s BIOS update from their desktop.

    As mentioned, some BIOS updates may require BIOS updates. Try updating that particular BIOS with minimal steps.

    For optimal performance Windows 10 TH2 features should install without error with a brand new UEFI BIOS with SecureBoot enabled if your computer has these technologies. The bootable USB must be formatted using GPT partition scheme for UEFI BIOS with Rufus.

    So let’s give a full basic explanation of these abbreviations…

    What is BIOS (Basic Input/Output System)?

    Download this software today to get your computer back up and running.

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